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Let Us Rejoice

It was an exciting moment several months ago, when Perth resident Hinda Katzel approached the RCWC about starting a RCWC group in her hometown. She had heard about the RCWC and felt that this type of group would perfectly suit the Jewish community there. After the busyness of the Chagim we can finally say mazel tov for the birth of our new affiliate. Not only is it a proud moment for the Perth community, but we at the RCWC are equally thrilled. It is true we have already spread to Sydney and even internationally, but this is the other end of Australia!

What does our National Anthem Say?

Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are one and free;
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil;
Our home is girt by sea;

Jewish women in Australia, let us rejoice because we are connected as one surrounded by the eternal waters of Torah, our true wealth.

For more about the Perth RCWC, visit our Affiliates’ page.

Access Announcement

New Feature to Our Website

We have an exciting update to our website. You now have the opportunity to register for access to one (or both) of two new areas: videos and our birthday project.

Videos: We have a NEW video library available which will be regularly updated with recordings of our previous events and other special videos. By signing up for exclusive access, you will have the opportunity to catch up on a missed event, or revisit one you attended. Find inspiration in the stories and wisdom shared. Register here to request access. A description of available videos can be viewed here.

Birthday Project: In addition, ‘A Significant Day – Your Jewish Birthday’ project now has a register of birthdays on a restricted page which will be regularly updated with special offers and events and more. Find out more here or sign up here to be part of it.

Hanna Leah Baum Writes

Hanna Leah Baum Writes...

Hanna Leah Baum loves to attend RCWC events. And each time she attends she is moved to put pen to paper and speak about her wonderful experience. So now Hanna Leah will get her own column in our newsletters called ‘Hanna Leah Baum Writes …’, beginning with our next email newsletter Wednesday November 3, for Rosh Chodesh Kislev.

Here’s a snippet of Hanna Leah’s article. For the rest of the article look out for our next newsletters. Subscribe to our newsletters here. Our printed quarterly newsletter for the months of Kislev, Tevet and Shvat will be available at the ‘newsstands’ mid-November (mid-Kislev).

Once more the Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle (RCWC) put on an event, the third annual Eshet Chayil event, that was both awe inspiring and unique. Yom Kippur was the third Yartzeit of Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick’s mother Rebbetzin Chaya Kramer and the evening was once again dedicated to her memory.  The Eshet Chayil Series, named for the famous poem recited on Friday nights honouring the Jewish women, memorialises our mothers, true Eshet Chayils, each in their own way.  It is part of the original idea of women gathering together to listen to the unfolding story of a woman and her family as she joins in the chain of Jewish tradition and is inspired to realise her power in creating the future. It was through the power of story, shared with food, laughter and love that we all emerged from the evening with a deep experience of the quintessential ‘Eshet Chayil’.

Hanna Leah Baum

Eshet Chayil 3: My Mother - My Inspiration

Eshet Chayil 3: My Mother - My Inspiration

It is an honour to listen and learn, to connect and to share, as daughters speak about their mothers obm, at the RCWC. How wise our mothers were, and how much we can gain from each other’s beautiful legacies. Judaism values the mother-daughter connection and recognises that tradition is handed down from mother to daughter.

You are invited to hear Di Hirsch OAM, Priva (Pauline) Scheiner and Tamar Paluch share their mothers’ inspiration with us on Monday September 13 at 7:30 for a 7:45pm punctual start. The evening will include inspiration for the Holy Days, with the topic: The Shofar and the Feminine Soul.

To attend please register here…

Flowers and Chocolates

Flowers and Chocolates

Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle.
Empowering. Connecting. Nurturing.
A Significant Day – Your Jewish Birthday

Your day is so special for you, your family and friends and for the RCWC. The perfect day to feel empowered, to feel connected, to feel nurtured. With friendships, inspiration, flowers and chocolates personally presented from the RCWC to you. To feel blessed and to share your blessings with others.

Don’t know when your Jewish birthday is? Find out here..

Contact us here…
Reach out to others to join in this initiative. We have more than 50 women registered and our aim is to reach 250.

Events Blog

Check Out Hanna Baum’s Article

Our RCWC special Sivan event, hosted by Sylvia Goldhirsch, was a highlight for the RCWC and for all the guests who attended. With the mother-in-law daughter-in-law relationship explored through the Book of Ruth, and a tribute to Rebbetzin Devorah Groner by her three daughter in laws followed by a delectable harvest supper, the icing on the cake was certainly the circles of discussion on relationships, topping an outstanding evening open to all Jewish women of Melbourne.  

Chana Bromberg led the popular circle or workshop entitled ‘Plan B; when the original one doesn’t pan out’, while Timmy Rubin facilitated the topic ‘Gleaning from Life’s Experiences; with a positive slant’ in her inimitable upbeat and empathetic manner. Together with Nicole Kornhauser’s soft and nurturing approach to her topic ‘Leaping into the Unknown – balancing intuition and logic’  the women left the evening uplifted and armed with practical tips and guidance as they journey through life.  

For more about the evening read Hanna Baum’s article. 

Pre-Shavuot Celebration

Pre-Shavuot Celebration

RCWC invites all Jewish women from all walks of life to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Sivan together.  As this event is part of our ‘Significant Day’ Project let us know if your birthday is in Sivan and we’ll say a l’chaim for your special day. Click here for help in finding out when your Jewish birthday is. 

There will be lots of surprises as the program unfolds.  The delicious themed supper will be based on the Book of Ruth and that alone will surprise and nurture you. Treat yourself, and your friends are welcome too, to enjoy Rosh Chodesh, a day of reward and recognition for women.  RSVP would be most helpful for catering purposes as well as contact tracing.  We’re pretty punctual at the RCWC and therefore doors open at 7:30 for signing in.

Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5781 at BCOD

BCOD Makes Iyar Count

No sooner had she put away her Pesach dishes, Rebbetzin Rivkah Groner gave thought and consideration to the Iyar RCWC event for BCOD.  After all, with our newly energised freedom and the mitzvah of counting the Omer every day in Iyar, what will the message be for the BCOD ladies and all of us to take note.  Although this is an Affiliate event for all ladies associated with Ohel Devorah, the dynamic and growing Chabad House on Meadow St, in line with our new Birthday Project anyone who has an Iyar birthday will be royally welcomed.  Simply register your birthday on our contact us page to receive your personal invitation.  Rivkah herself celebrates an Iyar birthday and she will be sharing her story at this event.  BCOD is combining this event with a Shloshim for Tamar Rosenthal a’h, with guest speaker Dr. Sara Rosenfeld.  Tamar  contributed greatly to the RCWC and many other organisations and her tragic loss is greatly felt.  Tamar taught us much with her focus, her resilience and her sense of giving and the best way to honour her life is to emulate her ways.

A Significant Day - Last Event and Next Event

A Significant Day - Last Event and Next Event

After the launch in Shvat a Birthday Committee comprising of Frances Gradman, Sara Gutnick, Stera Gutnick, and Ettie Spiegelman planned and organised the Significant Day inaugural event on Rosh Chodesh Nissan,  a lovely social event on Sunday morning, a  Pre-Pesach brunch at Nogga on March 14.  A beautiful multi-course brunch topped with a delicious cheesecake dessert was served to the 20 or so ladies who expressed an interest in the RCWC and/or whose birthdays took place in Nissan. Sara introduced the RCWC to the newcomers while Ettie spoke about the Jewish Calendar and our special relationship with it.  We celebrated the Nissan birthdays of  Dvora Lowin on the 7th, Frances Gradman on the 9th, Miriam Grossbaum and Denise Lebowitz on the 12th and Elina Kerbel on the 29th day of Nissan. Miriam spoke on behalf of all the birthday girls, saying in part: ’I usually do not celebrate my birthday as it’s 2 days before Pesach. I thus really appreciate this opportunity to celebrate my birthday. Nissan is the month of redemption. We are still in exile yet whenever we break through a barrier it is a redemptive experience. So too the opportunity to pay attention and celebrate my Nissan birthday with all of you today feels very special.’

We are very proud to invite you to celebrate your Jewish Birthday and indeed The Uniqueness of You at the RCWC.  If you would like to to find out when your Jewish Birthday is click here.

Our next event will take place on Rosh Chodesh Sivan and a creative and unique program event is being planned for all women to attend.  If your birthday is in Sivan, however, please, contact us with details  as we’d like to do something special for you at our event.

You Are Invited

You Are Invited

The first Mitzvah given to the Jewish people before they even left Egypt was to sanctify the new moon and keep a calendar. From this we learn the great importance of sanctifying time and giving it the importance and honour it deserves.  As we approach Pesach we take the time to appreciate Rosh Chodesh Nissan, when this Mitzvah was given.  Every Rosh Chodesh is special, especially for women, as it became an occasion for reward and recognition for all that we do.  However, Rosh chodesh Nissan is extra special for us as this is when it all started.  Way back when …. when the Jewish women were encouraging and supporting the nation and bringing about the redemption through their faith, trust and actions.

At the RCWC we have launched a new project called ‘A Significant Day’ highlighting your Jewish birthday which is a significant day in the Jewish calendar, and isa cause for celebration, not just by the one who was born on that day, but by their family, friends and community too.  Our first event for this project is appropriately on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, Sunday March 14, at a restaurant to be announced for an 11am brunch. Places are limited, and we are prioritising our volunteers, Nissan birthdays and Birthday registrants. Click on New Moon News to read more.