Hot Off the Press

Upcoming Eshet Chayil
We’ve got a wonderful line-up of speakers for our upcoming Eshet Chayil event, on Tuesday 22 September, 4 Tishrei 5781. Check out our events blog for more details, and contact us here for expressions of interest in joining us.

Refreshed Website

We have updated and refreshed our website to reflect our new focus during these interesting times, so to speak. The New Moon News, the Events Blog and the FaceBook stream on the front page will certainly keep you up to date on our refurbished website. Stay safe and do remember – we are always here for each other. Be in touch any time!

A Weekly Invitation

You are invited to an important event which will take place in your very own home every Friday before the sun sets where you will feel that familiar connection and warmth in the glow of the Shabbat candles. For more information about our CONNECTING through CANDLE LIGHTING initiative see our Facebook page here. If you’d like to receive our weekly broadcast service for lighting times and more, click here. Browse through our Connecting through Candle Lighting Newsletters here.

Updates from our AGM

Our RCWC board, Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick (president), Elissa Blaser (vice president), Naomi Rafael (secretary), Mushka Raskin (treasurer) and Evelyn Rose (member), have been reelected and remain as dedicated as ever. Still small and impactful, as a board we continue working behind the scenes to ensure a connected, empowered and nurtured wonderful Jewish community of women. We remain open to like-minded volunteers, and hope you will contact us to become involved.

Sponsorship and Volunteering

As the RCWC continues to undergo changes and growth please consider the possibility of sponsorship or volunteering. There’s a whole RCWC world waiting for you and we need your input and support.

Connecting through Candle Lighting

The car rear window stickers have arrived! Spread the light by driving around with a beautiful candle lighting promoting sticker on your car. We have one for you all ready to be picked up.

To Subscribe for 5781

Subscriptions are still open! To express interest in becoming an Affiliate of the RCWC for the year 5781 (2020 and 2021) be in touch with us very soon. We have new projects and new ways of connecting as Jewish women for the times we live in. This is the beauty of the RCWC.

Message of the Month

Every RCWC event begins with a Message of the Month, based on a Dvar Torah written by one of our volunteers. Now to spread the message even further the messages have been also disseminated via our newsletters to inspire our readership. In addition, our articles have been reprinted with permission by other groups and organisations which greatly pleases us and the writers. Thank you to Miriam Cowen, Chaya Hoch, Shulamit Nutovics and Dr. Sara Rosenfeld who have all had their Messages reprinted by other groups. Contact us if you’d like to work with us in writing an empowering, connecting and nurturing feminine type of Torah message


Do you know when your Hebrew Birthday is? We can help you find out. Special Powers and blessings come with this day. Connect your birthday with the RCWC by contacting us to initiate our month by month Birthday Honours