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A Significant Day

Our Rosh Chodesh Sunday Brunch Nissan event is looking very exciting and we’d love you to celebrate with us in style at a restaurant to be announced.  See Nissan Notes below for more.

Nissan Notes 1

There are a variety of areas that we would love you to volunteer for ‘an hour a week or an hour a month’.  Sign up and Celebrate Rosh Chodesh Nissan with us.  Contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you what is available or check out our Join Us page.

Nissan Notes 2

As part of our new project we are registering Jewish birthdays which will be listed on the website with your name (but without the year ;)) so we can celebrate together in the future. An $18 donation to the RCWC or a sign up as a RCWC volunteer will ensure your place on the list.

Nissan Notes 3

Would you like to find out more?  The best way is to contact us for a quick response to your queries.  You can also email to or WhatsApp to 0401 612 075.  

Need help calculating your Jewish  birthday?   Click here: Jewish Birthday Calculator (

Nissan Notes 4

Is your significant day in Nissan?  Let’s celebrate your Nissan birthday together on Rosh Chodesh, Sunday March 14.  Be in touch!

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Refreshed Website

We have updated and refreshed our website to reflect our new focus during these interesting times, so to speak. The New Moon News, the Events Blog and the FaceBook stream on the front page will certainly keep you up to date on our refurbished website. Stay safe and do remember – we are always here for each other. Be in touch any time!

A Weekly Invitation

You are invited to an important event which will take place in your very own home every Friday before the sun sets where you will feel that familiar connection and warmth in the glow of the Shabbat candles. For more information about our CONNECTING through CANDLE LIGHTING initiative see our Facebook page here. If you’d like to receive our weekly broadcast service for lighting times and more, click here. Browse through our Connecting through Candle Lighting Newsletters here.

Connecting through Candle Lighting

The car rear window stickers have arrived! Spread the light by driving around with a beautiful candle lighting promoting sticker on your car. We have one for you all ready to be picked up.

To Subscribe for 5781

Subscriptions are still open! To express interest in becoming an Affiliate of the RCWC for the year 5781 (2020 and 2021) be in touch with us very soon. We have new projects and new ways of connecting as Jewish women for the times we live in. This is the beauty of the RCWC.