Whether you are in Melbourne, Australia or in other parts of Australia or even around the world we are seeking to expand and grow and welcome the involvement of interested women.  Whether it is for ‘an hour a week or an hour a month’ no help is too small for us to appreciate.

Our 2022 Team

Board of Management

Founded by Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick together with Elissa Blaser, the RCWC is run by a small group of dedicated Board Members with the guidance of Consultants and assistance of Volunteers. Our current board consists of:


Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick

Vice President:

Elissa Blaser


Ayala Bekker


Naomi Rafael


Evelyn Rose

Honorary Member:

Chaya New

Honorary Member:

Chana Warlow-Shill

Honorary Member:

Karin Zafir

Our Goals

  • Create opportunities for Jewish women to come together to celebrate the new month of the Hebrew calendar
  • Provide a meaningful and relevant themed message for each month specifically to empower women and connect them to their Judaism.
  • Encourage lasting and meaningful friendships, both new and old, amongst the women in your very own community.
  • Give women from diverse backgrounds a voice and to create lasting legacies for future generations.
  • Empower women to develop a unique sense of self by recording and appreciating their experiences.
  • Offer meaningful, nurturing and interactive events based on the Jewish tradition and heritage

Why Join

by Elissa Blaser

There are many reasons to join the RCWC and many benefits follow. However, there is one main reason: Join with us so you may understand how precious you are, how valuable you are and how important your life is. “A price above rubies…”- one cannot set a price high enough to explain the gifts a Jewish woman brings to those around her. Why is this so. Each month, on Rosh Chodesh, the day designated to remind us of monthly cycles and fieminine energy, you will learn more and more of the special, almost preferential relationship women have with G-d, about their gifted nature and about the tremendous powers they possess.

A woman builds the world around her

Together we will learn how


Sincerest thanks to our supporters who have helped us with our journey…

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On becoming an affiliate of the RCWC…

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