Would you like to become involved with Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle?

Whether you are in Melbourne, Australia or in other parts of Australia or even around the world we are seeking to expand and grow and would love your involvement.   We have an overriding mission to bring harmony and achdus among all types of Jewish women, thus bringing a unity to Klal Yisrael.

RCWC has succeeded in attracting diverse women to the events which result in the women feeling both nurtured and empowered as Jewish women while connecting to each other, their family history, Jewish traditions and their Shule or organisation.  RCWC forges connections between women of all ages through their stories.

Elissa Blaser, our founding sponsor, explains it like this:  There are many reasons to join RCWC and many benefits follow.  However, there is one main reason: join with us so you may understand how precious you are, how valuable you are, and how important your life is. “A price above rubies…” – one cannot set a price high enough to explain the gifts a Jewish woman brings to those around her.  Read more…

We invite you to consider becoming an affiliate.

The RCWC program suits:

  • Women’s groups
  • Shules and Schools
  • Aged Care Facilities and Seniors’ groups
  • Communal organisations
  • Bat Mitzvah Groups
  • Businesses and restaurants

We offer a well organised Rosh Chodesh program which is fun, nurturing, and informative – with a proven success record, which can be easily implemented by any Jewish community.  Our team assigns each affiliate with a representative (RCWC rep) and provides all the program content and support necessary for them to run their own successful Rosh Chodesh program.  RCWC provides a full program package available to the successful applicant.  We assign you a representative (RCWC rep) and provides all the program content and support necessary to run your own successful Rosh Chodesh program.  Our program can be tailored to suit the needs of your group.

Would you like to share your expertise in areas of video, graphic design, programming, admin or more?  Perhaps you have attended a RCWC event and wondered how you might be able to contribute.  Contact us to discuss the variety of activities to be done, and one or more may appeal to you.
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Would you like to be a story presenter?  Each affiliate chooses the story presenter from their group or community to share her story at their RCWC event which will be recorded as a lasting legacy for both the individual family and the organisation.   The story is recorded on video as oral history and a legacy for both your family and your organisation.  Each story is the highlight of the evening.  The group appreciates catching a glimpse of who you are, where you come from and where life might be taking you.  We provide guidelines for the story telling and you may provide photos and mementoes to enhance the video.