Who Knows 4? I Know 4!

We have 4 affiliates who will be presenting a RCWC event for the month of Nissan at 4 different locations in Australia! A first for the RCWC and we are very proud and excited.

The number 4 is abundant at the Pesach Seder – 4 cups of wine, 4 sons, 4 terms of redemption, 4 questions. The Hebrew letter corresponding to the number 4 is dalet, which means door, which represents the Jewish home. Women are the foundation of the home and the home is the foundation of Judaism – based on what our mothers taught us way back to our 4 Matriarchs.

This is what the RCWC is all about. Connecting. Empowering. Nurturing. Each of our 4 affiliates would be pleased to welcome you to their event. See the information on the flyers or contact us at the RCWC. The Sephardi RCWC and Chabad Frankston RCWC, our newest affiliates, will be hosting their first ever event for Rosh Chodesh Nissan. Mazal tov! Read more here