The Wednesday Welcome

Our Perth affiliate is leading the way in welcoming new affiliates to the RCWC. Perth’s program leader Hinda Katzel put together a beautiful video about the RCWC, with which we are now launching ‘The Wednesday Welcome’. Every Wednesday until after Sukkot RCWC welcomes expressions of interest from new affiliates for the year 5784 (2023-24).

The RCWC joins in partnership with each affiliate, and together as a team we help each other grow, while bringing a sense of harmony and unity to Jewish women and thus to our community. The uniquely creative and engaging Rosh Chodesh program is well organised, fun, nurturing, informative, with a proven success record, and is easily implemented.

Any group of Jewish women can join as an affiliate, whether they are part of a school, organisation, Shule, business or a group of women who wish to get together and celebrate Rosh Chodesh. Special offers apply.