Inspiration for RCWC car sticker

R’ Mendel Drizin ob’m is the inspiration behind our candle lighting car bumper sticker campaign.  Using several languages he explains how this would be a protection as wherever you travel, you’re on a mission to bring light.

In the Merit of Shabbos Candles

Mrs Klein, a 90 year old holocaust survivor, speaks of the impact of a mother’s prayers at Shabbat candle lighting.

Original Promotional Video

Elwood Shule ladies reminisce as the RCWC expands to a not-for-profit charity with programs available to the wider community, both nationally and internationally.

Eshet Chayil Song, the Friday Night Shabbat Ode to the Jewish Woman

Credits: Published by Above and Beyond, Ltd (CC). Produced by Ami Productions

Other Videos Available

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Eshet Chayil 3, My Mother, My Inspiration 5782 – 2021

With Di Hirsh, Pauline Scheiner and Tamar Paluch. A Zoom Event with Rachel Gutnick - MC, Sara Gutnick - Torah Message, Lily Sziewicz - Singing.

Eshet Chayil 2, Our Mothers, Our Matriarchs 5781 – 2020

With Goldie Freedman, Debbie Wolf, Sylvia Cher and Karin Zafir. Miriam Althaus and Mussia Kaminetzky - The Four Matriarchs. A Zoom-recorded event

Eshet Chayil Inaugural Event, October 2019 – 5780

Reflections of a Mother’s Life and Love, with Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick

Linking the Generations – Through the Power of Story, February 2019

With Mrs Sadie Goldsmith. RCWC, Jewish Care (GSH), Goldsmith/Belfer Family combined event