Connecting through Candle Lighting

Have you ever been to a RCWC event and felt connected by the story, or by listening to a woman-empowering Dvar Torah or simply by enjoying the delicious themed food with its tastes and aromas of the month ahead.

You laughed, you learnt, you had fun – all in the warm atmosphere of a RCWC event.

What is the definition of ‘event’? The Heinemann Australian Dictionary defines an event as “anything which happens or takes place, especially something important.”

You are invited to an important event which will take place in your very own home every Friday before the sun sets where you will feel that familiar connection and warmth in the glow of the Shabbat candles.

The accompanying flyer relates how it all started on the third day of Nissan 2020, as a commemoration for the yartzeit of a young girl Liba who brought joy and light to anyone who came in contact with her. At the RCWC, we now aim to connect with you through our candle lighting project and help bring more joy and light to the world with this beautiful Mitzvah that women have been gifted with.

Update Nissan 2022 – Meditative Moments at candle lighting introduced
Update Nissan 2023 – Dee Pirkei Avot Project introduced

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As part of our candle lighting project, RCWC offers a broadcast service on Fridays with candle lighting times for Melbourne and Sydney many times accompanied by an inspirational message. As candle lighting time is an auspicious time for women’s prayers we include a list of names to connect with and daven for, people who may need blessings such as for good health, children or to find their soulmate. All around the world women can connect at candle lighting and bring blessings to each other. We would love you to join and help spread healing, joy and light via the Shabbat candles.

HOW TO JOIN: Simply Whatsapp a single word message – the word “subscribe”- to +6140 161 2075 or click here and add this RCWC number to your phone contacts. The more women we connect with through candle lighting the more healing and light we can bring into the world.


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