The "Perpetual" Oil

Take-home Chanukah Message by Elissa Blaser

Among the many things we all think about, is the future. Will something last? Does it have a “long shelf life”? Will this continue for a long time? We look for the “perpetual” gift, the gift we can continue to count on in the future.
Chanukah comes to reassure us. Our blessings from Hashem, the gifts we receive from the Divine, come from the well of Infinity — they have no end. Oil which should have lasted a short while, lasted for 8 days, lasted past ordinary laws into the laws above nature, symbolised by eight. There is a hint in the lights of the Menorah. When we are blessed from Above, and enter the domain of eight, above natural laws, we are in a “perpetual” Bracha. The oil renewed itself; our Brachot renew themselves; and the question: Can this last? Yes, it can.

The Cabbage Patch Doll

Perth report by Michelle Berg

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Michelle who desperately wanted to become a mummy to a Cabbage Patch Doll. When she finally got the chance to get one at the age of 8, she didn’t choose the gorgeous dolls with long locks and pretty dresses, but the bald boy with the ugly name. Our story presenter for Rosh Chodesh Kislev, Michelle Lewsen, volunteers for the charity Menora in Perth and creates photo books and stories. Through a story, she shared her experience of living with alopecia and how, just as she did with her bald Cabbage Patch Doll, she has learnt to look for inner beauty and help others who need it. Just like Yehudis who stood up for her beliefs, Michelle stands up for others and inspires them.

After Michelle had shared her story, some of the 30 women around the table got up to light a candle to spread the light and share miracles in their lives or occasions that they have been inspired by during the last year. Many women who work with Michelle at the charity attended the group for the first time, and even within a group of strangers women felt at ease to share their most vulnerable moments.

The activity was followed by a spread of Italian-style donuts and sauces, fruit and biscuit platters, hot and cold drinks.

To continue spreading the light in our community, each woman was asked to take a  Chanukah Menorah set and give it to someone that they know may need one.

After a 5782 grand finale on Rosh Chodesh Elul the Perth RCWC signed up for 5783 with their first program taking place in Kislev. RCWC looks forward to working with Perth for their next event in Adar and for the rest of the year.

General Report

The Inner Circle is going from strength to strength as we move forward with our new project ‘The Jewish Woman: A Journey of Discovery’. We’d love to take you on this journey with us, so be sure to let us know of your interest by contacting us.

In general, in lieu of the monthly newsletters and the special edition newsletters, we will be updating our website with news as it happens. So stay in touch with our website, broadcast and facebook pages for all the latest.
We will surprise you with bonanza style newsletters from time to time, for your reading pleasure.

Eshet Chayil Event

You are invited to an evening of inspiration for the special days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Inspiring messages for these days, inspiring mothers and their daughters, inspiring song, food, company – it’s all there at the Eshet Chayil fourth annual event on Thursday 29th September, the fourth day of Tishrei.  In memory of Rebbetzin Chaya Z. Kramer ז”ל for her yahrzeit on Yom Kippur. 

An in-person event at a local home with limited space so please get in early and book. We will provide the location details as well as a zoom link after registering. Register here

A Treasure of a Treasurer

We welcome Rivka Pinczower (Naparstek) to our Board of Management as Treasurer. Mazal Tov Rivki for taking on this important position and we wish you much success in this role. Together may we go mei’chayil el choyil, from strength to strength, as an organisation that empowers, nurtures and connects women from all walks of life.

The Inner Circle

The Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle is proud to announce that the members of the Inner Circle have just met for the first time. So many new ideas were bounced around at this session, and we are just now beginning to see the seeds of these new ideas blossom at the RCWC.
Just one of the exciting projects that some of the Inner Circle women have chosen to assist with is the RCWC annual Eshet Chayil event which will next be held on 29th September.
If this event, or any of our other projects, has caught your interest and you would like to be a part of the planning and launching of initiatives, then we invite you to apply to join us and see which one (or more!) of our projects suits your talents and interests.
We look forward to seeing what you will be bringing to the Inner Circle!
To learn more, please click here.

The Perth RCWC

The month of Av is known to be a time of mourning, but as the women of Perth learnt in the Dvar Torah at their Rosh Chodesh Av event on Thursday 28th July, it is also about reaching out to others and helping another Jew.

The RCWC in Perth were privileged to invite Einat Leib to be the speaker at their event, where she shared her story of her journey in Judaism, from South Africa to Australia to Israel, and how she has been helped along her way and now helps others.

A group of over 30 women were welcomed at the event, some who have become regulars, as well as newcomers, and enjoyed the nurturing atmosphere of a RCWC event. Dried fruit, heart shaped cookies and chocolate hearts were included in the catering in keeping with the themes of the month.

After the formal part of the evening, women were invited to make a keyring with ‘Tefillat Haderech’ (prayer for the traveller) on one side of the keyring, and the option to decorate the other side and write a message reminding them that Hashem is with us and knows our journey, whether it is physical or spiritual.

The Perth RCWC is now looking forward to its next event on Rosh Chodesh Elul, and gratefully acknowledges Yogev and Miriam Aharon from Kosher Kingdom for their generous donation of the honey portions that will be presented to the guests at this coming event.

Update: The Elul event was magnificent and we look forward to another successful year with the RCWC. Thank you to the RCWC for your amazing programs, ongoing gifts and guidance for the past year.

The Inner Circle

Women who are aligned with the mission, vision and strategy of the RCWC and its aspiration to empower, nurture and connect Jewish women; women who love outreach and would like to form a friendly and happy circle of friendship are invited to reach out to us to become part of The Inner Circle.

Many have asked over the years how to join the RCWC. They love coming to our events, and enjoy everything the RCWC has to offer. ‘But how do we become a member and really connect and become part of what you do?’, they would ask.

Today we plant the seeds to welcome you to our inner circle nestled comfortably within the wider circle of the Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle.

Reach out to us to share our passion and become a member of our inner circle.

Birthday Surprises

We have lined up birthday surprises for Tammuz and Av birthdays. Make sure you are registered on our website to receive the birthday offers. If you need help finding out when your Jewish birthday is or you need help registering on our website contact Tali at
Alternately, calculate your birthday on the Jewish Birthday Calculator and register here:

Happy birthday for Tammuz and Av birthdays. May the year ahead be filled with blessings.

Lady Anna Cowen o.b.m.

RCWC extends our condolences to the Cowen family on the passing of Lady Anna Cowen. In title as well as deed, this graceful and beautiful woman was truly a ‘lady’ in every sense of the word, impacting all those with whom she came in contact.

The Shiur Group women of the Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle were blessed when she told her story at their event several years ago. The video of her story will be added to our collection of stories on our website in the next month or so. To view the videos of stories on our website, register here. (If you are already registered for our birthday project, first log in and then click on “update access” to request access to the videos.)

We take this opportunity to thank Miriam Cowen and Marla Cowen for their “Message of the Month” articles used for the RCWC programs. How special is it that three generations of Cowens are connected with the RCWC, a first for our organisation.