Story presenter for the Month of Kislev,  Miriam Tovel.

The Merkos Women Rosh Chodesh Women’s circle event was well received with an incredibly captivating story presented by Miriam Tovel.  Miriam presented the story of her Jewish journey, speaking about her Greek background as well as her experiences in Karate. This tied in to the story of Chanukah and the connection to her own life.

Throughout the event there were Chanukah themed treats to be had, from a range of doughnuts to latkes and chocolate gelt.  The table was beautifully decorated with the food as well as a fruit menorah made by one of the Merkos Women students.  The event was enjoyed by all.

Inspiring and uplifting words of Torah were shared, from the Dvar Torah to the creative activity.  Attendees were encouraged to decorate a plaque with a quote which would ignite their connection to Yiddishkeit in Kislev. This led to discussion about motivation and keeping connected.