The Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle event at Merkos Women for Adar Aleph was a beautiful event. With girls from the Merkos dorm and ladies joining from the wider community there was a wonderful and captivating audience. Dr Rochel Serebyranksi is an engaging and enjoyable story presenter and a past student at Merkos Women. Rochel shared riveting and empowering stories of her journey to Yiddishkeit and the challenges she overcame during her study and career; no matter what, she would not compromise on observing Shabbos properly. One lady in the audience who is a professional was so empowered by Rochel’s talk, that she herself now wants to learn more about Yiddishkeit and learn how she can balance it with her work. Everyone enjoyed dancing and music in the spirit of the joy of Adar followed by a delicious supper decorated with colourful masks and flowers.