RCWC is launching their Eshet Chayil Series on Thursday October 3, 2019, 4th of Tishrei 5780.   All through time, the stories from Jewish women have been told and passed down generation to generation gleaning wisdom and tradition. In the Eshet Chayil Series, daughters celebrate their mothers’ o.b.m. inspirational lives, sharing the wisdom for all to connect with and learn from in the beautiful atmosphere of the RCWC.

The special event will be attended by RCWC friends and members throughout Melbourne. As we gather together to listen and to connect, we will draw inspiration for the Aseret Yemei Teshuva. The guest speaker will be, founder and president of the RCWC, Rebbitzen Sara Gutnick, to commemorate her mother’s first yartzeit on Yom Kippur.

For further details and personal invitation for this inaugural event or for inquiries about how you can honour your mother’s memory at the RCWC please contact us.

Eshet Chayil Launch

To launch 5780, we are beginning a new series of events that will provide women with the opportunity to share reflections on their mothers with others in the community.

Our first event is taking place this October and will feature our Founder, Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick who will share inspiration from her mother who passed away on Yom Kippur last year.  The unique and beautiful personality of Rebbetzin Kramer viewed through the lens of the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Torah readings and woven into the Eshet Chayil prayer offers inspiration for these holy days.

Eshet Chayil Launch

There is a good reason that the RCWC Inter-Affiliate Events, which take place once a year or so, are called Special Events and the most recent one, the Launch of the Eshet Chayil Series on October 3rd was no exception.  This very special themed launch…

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