G-d has bestowed extra gifts on women: an uncanny “woman’s intuition”, an extra measure of compassion, and an innate desire for modesty.

This spiritual nature builds the other people around into stronger people.

An early example of this was in our experience, as a people, during the crisis of the golden calf in the desert. The men, perceiving a desperate situation, collapsed into a previous weakened state. The women, understanding the temporary nature of the crisis and holding hope for a real future, did not fall alongside. The women held back and did not participate. The crisis passed.

The wisdom of women was enhanced as a result.

We see this paradigm of life played out again and again in subsequent generations. “The wisdom of women builds the home”. Women navigate every day through choppy waters. Delicate, invisible, steadfast work builds families, communities, and institutions.

Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle tries to show this to women.

What we are saying is: Look around, listen to other women’s life tales, and be amazed! The stories will teach, will show lives well lived, tremendous accomplishments, generations born and gone, values transmitted through decades and centuries of time.

It’s us. It’s the women who are driving forces.

We guide our own lives as well as the lives of those around us. We build ourselves and others, day by day, year by year, until, at the end of life, women can see so much that has been built around them.

We need to celebrate each other.

We need to hear about the life journey with its dramatic challenges and its triumphs. We need to understand that women play a major part. Like the wind and rain and sun, women provide the essential elements that allow the world to grow.

How is this done?

By doing the small things every day, again and again. By understanding and applying grace to the ordinary tasks of living. By knowing that the day is long and full of demand, and that the years fly by. Each day is important. Each day is worthy of a full heart and a dedicated mind. The days add up.

Another “world” is created.

Let us tell each other, let us laugh and cry together. Let us remind each other how events spin around our circle. Let us congratulate the women who can sit back and remember. Let us help each other go on.

Come join us.