Eshet Chayil 5, My Mother, My Inspiration 5784 - 2023

With Rachelle Unreich and Timmy Rubin. Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick - Torah message, Galya Chava Cooper on the flute.

The Jewish Woman: A Journey of Discovery (Miriam) - Nissan, 22 March, 2023

Speakers (in order): R. Sara Gutnick, Hadassa Naparstek, Miriam Suss, Miriam Pacanowski, Miriam Segal and R. Rivkah Groner

Eshet Chayil 4, My Mother, My Inspiration 5783 - 2022

With Shavi Slodowitz and Ruth Wein. Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick - Torah message, Zahava Pinson in song.

Significant Day - Hidden and Revealed – Adar 2 2022

(12:41) Jewish Names of the Megilla with Ettie Spigelman, Hadassa Naparstek, Malka Preston, Shulamit Greenbaum, Laiya Rothberg;
(35:07) Esther Loewenthal; (37:57) Ester Zirkind

Linking the Generations - Through the Power of Story, February 2019

With Mrs Sadie Goldsmith. RCWC, Jewish Care (GSH), Goldsmith/Belfer Family combined event

Eshet Chayil Inaugural Event, October 2019 - 5780

Reflections of a Mother’s Life and Love, with Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick

Eshet Chayil 2, Our Mothers, Our Matriarchs 5781 - 2020

With Goldie Freedman, Debbie Wolf, Sylvia Cher and Karin Zafir. Miriam Althaus and Mussia Kaminetzky - The Four Matriarchs. A Zoom-recorded event

Eshet Chayil 3, My Mother, My Inspiration 5782 - 2021

With Di Hirsh, Pauline Scheiner and Tamar Paluch. A Zoom Event with Rachel Gutnick - MC, Sara Gutnick - Torah Message, Lily Sziewicz - Singing.