It started with a spark, an idea, that over a period of five years blossomed at Elwood Shule into the popular and successful Rosh Chodesh Women’s CircleTM. A registered not-for-profit organisation, RCWC brings together Jewish women of all ages, stages, backgrounds and levels of observance, harmoniously connecting them through their sameness and their diversity.

The template for the program includes an inspiring message for the month, themed suppers and activities, lots of fun, laughter and friendship – all packed into a relaxing, compact and stunning program.

What is it about the Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle that makes it so inviting, so exciting and so successful?

Could it be in the details such as how each woman is warmly greeted, dons a name tag and is introduced to each other, or how the depth of the messages of each month celebrates and strengthens the uniqueness of the Jewish woman, or even how the theme surprises and delights at every event?

The delicious spread of food artfully presented and creatively matched to the month is a factor too. But there must be more. Indeed, it is the fascinating slices of history and the soul journeys described in the personal stories presented at every event and videotaped for lasting mementoes that beautifully ties it all together – creating a unique package that inspires warmth, discovery and appreciation.

The Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle Program can be implemented in your Shule, organisation, group, or even business and we invite you to peruse this Handbook to discover how this can be achieved. This part of the Handbook together with the other sections, the Monthly Program guide and the total RCWC package will facilitate the smooth adaptation of the Program for your group.