You Are Invited

The first Mitzvah given to the Jewish people before they even left Egypt was to sanctify the new moon and keep a calendar. From this we learn the great importance of sanctifying time and giving it the importance and honour it deserves.  As we approach Pesach we take the time to appreciate Rosh Chodesh Nissan, when this Mitzvah was given.  Every Rosh Chodesh is special, especially for women, as it became an occasion for reward and recognition for all that we do.  However, Rosh chodesh Nissan is extra special for us as this is when it all started.  Way back when …. when the Jewish women were encouraging and supporting the nation and bringing about the redemption through their faith, trust and actions.

At the RCWC we have launched a new project called ‘A Significant Day’ highlighting your Jewish birthday which is a significant day in the Jewish calendar, and isa cause for celebration, not just by the one who was born on that day, but by their family, friends and community too.  Our first event for this project is appropriately on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, Sunday March 14, at a restaurant to be announced for an 11am brunch. Places are limited, and we are prioritising our volunteers, Nissan birthdays and Birthday registrants. Click on New Moon News to read more.