A Significant Day - Last Event and Next Event

After the launch in Shvat a Birthday Committee comprising of Frances Gradman, Sara Gutnick, Stera Gutnick, and Ettie Spiegelman planned and organised the Significant Day inaugural event on Rosh Chodesh Nissan,  a lovely social event on Sunday morning, a  Pre-Pesach brunch at Nogga on March 14.  A beautiful multi-course brunch topped with a delicious cheesecake dessert was served to the 20 or so ladies who expressed an interest in the RCWC and/or whose birthdays took place in Nissan. Sara introduced the RCWC to the newcomers while Ettie spoke about the Jewish Calendar and our special relationship with it.  We celebrated the Nissan birthdays of  Dvora Lowin on the 7th, Frances Gradman on the 9th, Miriam Grossbaum and Denise Lebowitz on the 12th and Elina Kerbel on the 29th day of Nissan. Miriam spoke on behalf of all the birthday girls, saying in part: ’I usually do not celebrate my birthday as it’s 2 days before Pesach. I thus really appreciate this opportunity to celebrate my birthday. Nissan is the month of redemption. We are still in exile yet whenever we break through a barrier it is a redemptive experience. So too the opportunity to pay attention and celebrate my Nissan birthday with all of you today feels very special.’

We are very proud to invite you to celebrate your Jewish Birthday and indeed The Uniqueness of You at the RCWC.  If you would like to to find out when your Jewish Birthday is click here.

Our next event will take place on Rosh Chodesh Sivan and a creative and unique program event is being planned for all women to attend.  If your birthday is in Sivan, however, please, contact us with details  as we’d like to do something special for you at our event.