Shalom, Ayala

We bid Shalom to our Treasurer Ayala Bekker who is shortly expecting the birth of a new baby. We will miss you Ayala at the RCWC.
Reaching out to women who would like to offer a bit of time. Would you be interested in a board position? Being part of the RCWC is a very rewarding experience. If you are motivated to give of yourself to communal and outreach activity, perhaps for an hour a week or less, then please make the RCWC part of your life.
Why don’t you contact us and see if we have a position for you? As we grow we require talented and motivated women to embrace the RCWC as their own. Each one of us has talents and capabilities which are unique and treasured.
We really do hope to hear from you. Contact us, or Whatsapp +61401612075