BCOD Makes Iyar Count

No sooner had she put away her Pesach dishes, Rebbetzin Rivkah Groner gave thought and consideration to the Iyar RCWC event for BCOD.  After all, with our newly energised freedom and the mitzvah of counting the Omer every day in Iyar, what will the message be for the BCOD ladies and all of us to take note.  Although this is an Affiliate event for all ladies associated with Ohel Devorah, the dynamic and growing Chabad House on Meadow St, in line with our new Birthday Project anyone who has an Iyar birthday will be royally welcomed.  Simply register your birthday on our contact us page to receive your personal invitation.  Rivkah herself celebrates an Iyar birthday and she will be sharing her story at this event.  BCOD is combining this event with a Shloshim for Tamar Rosenthal a’h, with guest speaker Dr. Sara Rosenfeld.  Tamar  contributed greatly to the RCWC and many other organisations and her tragic loss is greatly felt.  Tamar taught us much with her focus, her resilience and her sense of giving and the best way to honour her life is to emulate her ways.