Pre-Shavuot Celebration

RCWC invites all Jewish women from all walks of life to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Sivan together.  As this event is part of our ‘Significant Day’ Project let us know if your birthday is in Sivan and we’ll say a l’chaim for your special day. Click here for help in finding out when your Jewish birthday is. 

There will be lots of surprises as the program unfolds.  The delicious themed supper will be based on the Book of Ruth and that alone will surprise and nurture you. Treat yourself, and your friends are welcome too, to enjoy Rosh Chodesh, a day of reward and recognition for women.  RSVP would be most helpful for catering purposes as well as contact tracing.  We’re pretty punctual at the RCWC and therefore doors open at 7:30 for signing in.