A Journey of Discovery

Our new project, ‘The Jewish Woman: A Journey of Discovery’, takes us on a meaningful and joyful journey, where we meet extraordinary Jewish women from our past, exceptional and heroic women from the Torah and our history. We will discover how through their faith, courage and wisdom, they faced challenges and forged new paths for us to follow.

In addition we will meet some wonderful women in our community who will share their wisdom and experiences with us. We have so much to learn from each other.

Our first Jewish heroine is the prophetess Miriam and we look forward to exploring and emulating the stellar qualities that Miriam exemplifies. Join us on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, 22nd March as Hadassa Naparstek speaks on “Discover the ‘Miriam’ in You” – The Life and Leadership of Miriam the Prophetess. Miriam Suss, Miriam Pacanowski and Miriam Segal will share their own experiences in finding the ‘Miriam’ within themselves.

A beautiful catered supper, a relaxing pre-Pesach event and a wonderful atmosphere will surely inspire you for a meaningful month of freedom.

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