Hanna Leah Baum Writes...

Hanna Leah Baum loves to attend RCWC events. And each time she attends she is moved to put pen to paper and speak about her wonderful experience. So now Hanna Leah will get her own column in our newsletters called ‘Hanna Leah Baum Writes …’, beginning with our next email newsletter Wednesday November 3, for Rosh Chodesh Kislev.

Here’s a snippet of Hanna Leah’s article. For the rest of the article look out for our next newsletters. Subscribe to our newsletters here. Our printed quarterly newsletter for the months of Kislev, Tevet and Shvat will be available at the ‘newsstands’ mid-November (mid-Kislev).

Once more the Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle (RCWC) put on an event, the third annual Eshet Chayil event, that was both awe inspiring and unique. Yom Kippur was the third Yartzeit of Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick’s mother Rebbetzin Chaya Kramer and the evening was once again dedicated to her memory.  The Eshet Chayil Series, named for the famous poem recited on Friday nights honouring the Jewish women, memorialises our mothers, true Eshet Chayils, each in their own way.  It is part of the original idea of women gathering together to listen to the unfolding story of a woman and her family as she joins in the chain of Jewish tradition and is inspired to realise her power in creating the future. It was through the power of story, shared with food, laughter and love that we all emerged from the evening with a deep experience of the quintessential ‘Eshet Chayil’.

Hanna Leah Baum