Chabad Frankston’s First Event - Nissan

Rebbetzin Rivkah Bondar and Sharon Gelber are teaming up with the RCWC to provide RCWC events in the Frankston area.

Oh what a night!! Rebbetzin Rivka Bondar presented the Dvar Torah highlighting the precious gift that we have been given as the ‘keepers’ of the Rosh Chodesh energy; and the power that we as women have always held, since the time of Miriam: To break through limitations and expectations, whether they are self- or society-imposed; having faith that we can individually and as a community be liberated and thrive!

Merav Eliyahu shared her personal story which was truly inspirational as she brought us along on her journey through lands, cultures, joy, loss, being found, being held and opening our hearts and vulnerability to the possibilities of love and belonging. We all resonated deeply with every step of her journey.

As we enjoyed a delicious spread of yummy delights, we connected with our friends and got to know new community members, what a delight!!!

The ending of our evening continued to feed our souls with creativity, colour and inspiration as we made tambourines burst with life, energy, hopes and dreams for our speedy liberation!

Am Yisrael Chai!

Chabad Frankston thanks the RCWC for their sponsorship towards the tambourine painting activity and in general for facilitating such a truly memorable and meaningful event.
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