Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick  created and developed the Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle for the Elwood Shule while running the monthly programs in her home from 2009 – 2014.  In 2013 together with the her co-founder Elissa Blaser and with the financial backing of the Blaser Family in memory of Mr. Max Blaser; together with the expert guidance of David Spiegel and Chana Warlow-Shill; together with the founding members – Ester Sarah Dickshtein, Racheli Jacks, Chaya New and Karin Zafir; and together with the initiator of the Handbook, Batia Slater, The Rosh Chodesh Women’s Circle™ Inc was born.

Board of Management

The RCWC is being run by a small group of dedicated Board Members who together ensure proper governance and encourage growth as an organisation. Our current board consists of:


Rebbetzin Sara Gutnick

Vice President:

Elissa Blaser


Mushka Raskin


Naomi Rafael

Honorary Member:

Chaya New

Honorary Member:

Chana Warlow-Shill


RCWC appreciates the support of our consultants and trusted advisers who give freely of their time and expertise.

Rabbinic and Halachic Guidance:

Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick


David Spiegel


Bill Kornhauser and Avi Berman

Honorary Bookkeeper:

Evelyn Rose


Chana Warlow-Shill


Shainy Lieder


Past Board Members:  Ester Sarah Dickshtein, Graziela Eidelson, Janice Furstenberg, Racheli Jacks, Jocelyn Lowinger, Amanda Mendes da Costa,  Chaya New, Shayna Oyberman, Sharon Unger and Karin Zafir.

Past Consultant:  Robert Rosenzweig

In addition to the Board and the consultants, past and present, we appreciate those who have assisted the RCWC in all manners of endeavour which includes Affiliate Program Leaders and RCWC representatives; contributors to the ‘Message of the Month’; programs or newsletters; and more.  Miriam Abenaim, Miriam Althaus, Talia Chaya Bloom, Aliza Brown, Miriam Cowen, Feygl Cylich, Draiza Engel, Michelle Feiglin, Mina Gordon, Shulamit Greenbaum, Rivkah Groner, Miriam Grossbaum, Rachel Gutnick, Shoshana Henenberg, Chaya Hoch, Mussie Kaminetzky, Nicole Kornhauser, Brocho Lebenholc, Yael Levin, Elise Loterman, Shulamit Nutovics, Shayna Oyberman, Sarah Rabin, Lea Raskin,  Mushky Raskin, Sara Rosenfeld, Pauline Scheiner, Chanelle Spicer, Batia Slater, Sue Susskind, Rachel Ulanovsky and Sue Zimmerman.